My First Publication is on Sale Now!

Wow, that title sounds like a sales pitch, but imagine me saying it in the same voice you’d say something like, “It’s Christmas morning!” or “It’s my birthday!”, followed by this:


(Yeah, I even made a gif for the occasion!  That’s my character in the online RPG Blade and Soul.  He’s got moves!)

What a long, strange journey it’s been!  My desire to write started around 10 on an old Mac II.  Now I’m 34 with a life that’s taken completely different turns than I expected.  Even the publication itself isn’t what I expected: a collection of short stories published quietly on Amazon Kindle Direct.

And yet, I’m still thrilled.  It’s exciting to have an author page on Amazon.  It’s exciting that two people have bought it already: the first time in my entire life I’ve ever been paid for my writing!

It’s like I’ve crossed a threshold.  I’ve published something.  I’ve put myself out there.  You can search for Charles Belmont and find something I wrote.  I’m not just a dreamer anymore.

It’s a crazy feeling.

On Wednesday I’m going to cover some of my experience publishing independently to Amazon Kindle Direct.  It managed to be both incredibly easy to do while requiring a headache-inducing focus and attention to detail–certainly a smoother process each time!  After that, I’ve got one discussing the challenges, benefits, and differences of writing short stories compared to the two novels I’ve written (side note: not yet released!).

And I suppose I should, you know, discuss the release itself: Fantasy Adventures Volume I: Five Short Stories of Humor, Love, and War.  It was a lot of fun to try my hand at a few different sub-genres of fantasy, and I hope for this to be the first of many volumes.  It’s available digitally for 99¢ on Amazon (link below).

If you happen to honor me with a purchase, let me know what you think!  I’d love to know how I can improve, which stories and characters you did or didn’t like, and what you’d like to see in the future.  You can post here, leave a review on Amazon, message me on Twitter at Charles Belmont, or send me an email at

I look forward to hearing from you!




Author: Charles Belmont

Author, Army Veteran, Husband, Father, Catholic, Gamer, Pro-Wrestling Aficionado. Coming Soon: The Mad Queen, The Pumpkin Knight, and possibly others!

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