Finding Time to Write

Today was supposed to be on my thoughts regarding The Return of the King, but I think I need a little more time to digest it, for a variety of reasons.

One of the challenges of writing–blogging, tweeting, or actual stories–is finding the time to write.  Life manages to be conducive to all sorts of things that aren’t writing.  Time vies for several things with higher priority: sleep and food foremost.  After that, there are the second-tier necessities: whatever obligations the day brings, including work, school, and family.

Writing is still absent from the third tier, which includes the various tasks that need to get done on the massive To-Do lists that we all have.  Mowing the lawn, fixing that squeaky hinge, and organizing that pile of crafts all beg for time.

Because we’re not robots, relaxation is a necessity as well.  All work and no play makes Charlie a dull boy, and burnout is not something to strive for.  After all these things are done, it’s perfectly reasonable to sit back with a few episode of Frasier, fire up World of Warcraft, or indulge in some sugary candy-reading.

So where does that leave writing?  Where we can manage it, and that’s where passion comes in.  You just have to find the time, a few minutes here or there, to get some words onto the screen.  It does require some sacrifices, whether it’s fewer shows on Netflix or letting the lawn go a little further, and it does require balancing.

But that’s all part of life itself, and without the tapestry of life, we wouldn’t have reason to write.


Author: Charles Belmont

Author, Army Veteran, Husband, Father, Catholic, Gamer, Pro-Wrestling Aficionado. Coming Soon: The Mad Queen, The Pumpkin Knight, and possibly others!

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